Africare, founded in 1971, is a non-profit organization that supports more than 150 assistance projects in Africa. These projects include small projects like village wells and huge projects like child survival all over the continent. It is also working on the AIDS pandemic gripping the continent, the horrors of which are almost incomprehensible. Other Africare projects include development of employment opportunities for African women in the cooking oil business and food programs for the continentís small farmers, so they can become self-sufficient. The child survival program includes therapies for common illnesses in the area such as measles, cholera, whooping cough and malaria. Malaria and cholera, two of the deadliest diseases on the continent, are both transmitted by dirty water.Cholera is partially treated with clean water. Africare administers a complete clean water program in Africa, and is committed to helping Africans construct and maintain clean water sources, which are a crucial part of basic infrastructure in any society. It is also involved in helping develop democratic institutions in Africa. In 1989 only five African countries were democracies; by 1999 over twenty African countries had democratically elected governments, with another twelve in transition to democracy.A non-profit group that rates charities, Charity Navigator, assigned a four-star rating, the highest it gives out, to Africare. Charity Navigator bases its ratings on short-term spending and long-time sustainability. Africare has also earned the praises of both Democratic and Republican political officials in the U.S. for its efforts and achievements in Africa.