For most of us, clean water is as easy as turning on a faucet. For millions of people in Sub-Saharan Africa, itís a long way to the nearest source of clean water, sometimes as far as ten miles. Imagine having to walk ten miles to get water just to scrub a wound clean or hydrate yourself against the dayís heat.Human bodies require water intake to survive. Terrible diseases like cholera, which can grow into killer epidemics, result from drinking unsanitary water from a stream. Imagine your lifeline being a ten mile walk away. We started this fund because we donít think anyone should have to live like this. These people need wells!

Wells are not expensive.It only costs about $1,000 USD to build a well in Africa. This can provide clean water for up to 500 people a day. Every time we raise $1,000 USD thatís another well. We are ordinary people from all walks of life. We came together specifically to raise money for wells in Africa, in part because they are a villageís lifeline and in part because providing wells is a perfectly achievable goal for us.