Imagine life without clean water. You don’t have anything to clean a wound or quench your thirst…….nothing. That unsanitary water in the stream contains deadly germs that cause malaria, TB and diarrhea, which result in millions of deaths per year.   You can’t use it.  Going to get water is considered women’s work; they must travel all over the countryside looking for clean water, wasting precious time they need to spend with their families. This enforced separation of men and women, mothers and families, puts terrible pressure on families.  It’s impossible to grow food as there is no irrigation available, so hunger is an all-too familiar presence. Life is bleak in these villages.  Unfortunately, life is like that for millions of people in Sub-Saharan Africa—unnecessarily so.  We raise money for well construction and maintenance in that part of the world to alleviate this unnecessary suffering. Give today and be a part of a much needed change.