AWF chat 7-15-2003


Present: Jo Sanchez, Elizabeth Beech, Karla Siegel, Laura Page, Patricia Hefner, Angela Martens


We started with questions about the by-laws. How do we elect BOD? The current (unadopted) by-laws state that BOD members have three year terms. This is a technicality and can be changed. We discussed the positions of Laura, Jo and Lara. We voted to accept changes in the by-laws. Julie wanted to know if we need NPO status for grants. Yes, we do. We have non-profit status but not tax-exempt ruling. It takes at least 6-8 weeks to get this. Itís the IRS, so itís slow. Jo will put the non-profit # on the BOD site. Angela wanted to know more about the celebrity auction and the listening parties. We agreed that the BOD would break up into groups for this. We will vote on the by-laws revisions at the next meeting.