AWF BOD meeting, 2 September 2003


Present: Karla Siegel, Angela Martens, Diane Yoder, Julie Cook, Laura Page, Jo Sanchez, Bridget McGann, Lara Wineman, Patricia Hefner


The first thing on the agenda was the meeting in D.C. with Africare. We discussed whether the meeting should have some sort of structure or “let it flow”. The members who will be able to make the meeting are Julie, Angela, Bridget, Laura and Diane; the others have scheduling conflicts. Julie suggested a breakfast meeting before the Africare meeting to get acquainted. Some more planning for these meetings is in the works. There is a spreadsheet on the site where people can post their trip plans.

The next thing on the agenda was the press release. Julie and Diane will work on the press release. Karla wants to send it to colleges and radio stations. We now have wells planned in a second country, Ethiopia.

Then we discussed the web site. It was suggested that we retire the Bono birthday fundraiser as that was completed months ago.

Next came the T-shirts. We want them from a union shop. We will discuss more fundraiser details after the Africare dinner.

This was all of our business.