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The History of the Interplanetary Cake Party
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The Interplanetary Cake Party was founded in a kitchen in an apartment on the Lower East Side of New York City in October of 1998. We were talking about the exasperating sales taxes on cake ingredients. We decided to circulate petitions protesting these taxes. We got so many signatures that we ran out of petitions; whereupon we decided to call a meeting. The meeting attracted almost four thousand people. These people left the meeting on fire to start a Cake Party to organize and promote our agenda. After leaps and bounds in our Party, we were able to enter our first candidates for public office. This took place in the Land of Concordia in August of 2000. We won six seats in the Concordia Chamber of Political Discourse. The winning Party was the Courtesy Party, with 24 seats won. We were cordially invited to their victory party. We took our best cakes and celebrated the courtesy and mutual respect that marks a civilized society with the people who endorse it in the most effective manner. We plan to petition to get candidates on the New York State ballot in 2004. Other states and nations, on both Earth and other Planets, have similar plans.

The Venus branch of the Cake Party was started in June of 1999. At that point they had grown exasperated at the difficulty of obtaining sugar on their planet. They heard about us when we were profiled on the Interplanetary News Network. Soon some of their bakers arrived in New York by way of a privately owned UFO. A temporary UFO landing site had been hastily constructed in nearby New Jersey. We organized a huge shipment of sugar to Venus. They had brought cake recipes from 350 Venusians. These people were automatically made members of the Cake Party, as the only requirement for admission is a cake recipe. At the January 2000 meeting of the Cake Party, which was held in Geneva, we voted to change our official name to the Interplanetary Cake Party in recognition of the Interplanetary scope of our movement.

The Jupiterian division of the Interplanetary Cake Party was founded in October of 1999. They also heard reports about the Party on Earth on the Interplanetary News Network. Although they do not have trouble obtaining any of the ingredients for great cakes on Jupiter, they, too, are exasperated at the tax laws on cake ingredients.
The Neptunian Cake Party was founded in January of 2000.