14 October 2002: The people inspired by the MTV show “Diary” start working with each other on what became the African Well Fund. A Yahoo discussion group was formed and the members began having chats. We started working on getting going on fund-raising.

24 January 2003: The Fund “opens shop” for donations. We are in a third-party relationship with the distinguished NPO Africare.

19 February 2003: The AWF has enough in donations for our first well.

1 April-3 May 2003:  We raise money to give Bono a well for his birthday, 10 May 2003. We had no idea we were to raise enough money to build ten wells! At the end of this hugely successful promotional we sent Bono a card signed by 173 people, as well as a letter. A plaque was ordered and scheduled to be finished by mid-June.