02-02-2003 U2 Fans Start the African Well Fund


05-04-2003 African Well Fund Raises Over $10,253.18 for Bono’s Birthday


06-30-2003 AWF Launches New Feature: Journals of an American in Kenya


07-08-2003 Charity Started By U2 Fans Gets Through to Bono


08-11-2003 Charity Has 14 Wells Under Construction


09-19-2003 U2 Fans Make a Tangible Difference in the Lives of over 7700 African people


09-29-2003 Bono Thanks AWF for Birthday Gift


11-28-2003 AWF Holding Vigil for World AIDS Day


12-08-2003 Shop Online and Support African Well Fund


03-29-2004 Build a Well for Bono’s Birthday


05-10-2004 AWF Raises Over $15,000 in Honor of Bono’s Birthday