has its roots in media coverage of the humanitarian crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa. In May of 2002, Bono, the lead singer of the popular Irish rock band, U2, and U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul OíNeill took a much-publicized trip to impoverished parts of Sub-Saharan Africa.The coverage of the trip clearly showed that In that part of the world the people donít even have the basic infrastructure for survival; quite often they donít even have clean water.The impact of the imagery of a people trying to live without sanitary water was overwhelming. It seems so unfair that for us, clean water is as close as our faucets while these people might have to go the next town or even further to get it. We believe that real power is in the hands of the people and we can use it to effectively change the quality of life for these people for the better.Strength is in the number of people committed to changing undesirable situations and who believe in their power to make these changes. Donít let anyone tell you itís a hopeless situation.Wells are amazing things, especially when one considers that theyíre not hard to provide.A well is a springboard in the lives of the people who will be using it.Give the people clean water and they have a much better atmosphere in which to create jobs, implement health care programs, and so much more. The wells which have already been built in Uganda, Ethiopia and other Sub-Saharan countries illustrate this reality, and yes, they are reality. They are concrete and hopeful changes. We hope youíll decide to support us in this effort. To find out more about donating to this important cause, please click the button. (or facsimile thereof)