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Last updated 2 February 2006

Welcome to the Royal University of Meridies Resource URL List!  There's something in the Great Hall for anyone who enters the Castle of Knowledge. I've put an e-mail hyperlink below so that you can e-mail me about any concerns you might have.  Last year, I went through an expansion craze with the List and doubled its size  in two months. As you can imagine, this makes editing out the dead links harder, but I'm still working all of the time trying to make sure every link is working.

The List is divided up into categories to make for ease of navigation. Whether you're looking for resources for combat styles, weapons, armor, garb, music, dance, calligraphy and illumination, feastcratting, medieval literary masterpieces like "The Song of Roland", the Arthurian Cycle or the Viking sagas, it's all here. As I'm sure you can imagine, some of these sites were quite difficult to categorize. Where does a site with both heraldry and costuming go? You tell me! I put them in the General Research category if the research is a bit heavy-going and put the more accessible (that's a crummy word for this purpose, but I can't think of a better one) sites in the Daily Life category. Yes, I changed the name of the first category on the List! Calling it the "Academic Research" category was getting downright misleading. Many of these sites have nothing to do with formal schools. The category includes a terrific site about the Battle of Hastings--visit it, you will *not* believe the quality of the imagery, and the history on it is very concise and easy to read.

Just for the heck of it, I've included a few pieces of my own research here. These include the text of my Compleat Anachronist on two noted medieval universities, the Universities of Bologna and Paris. Also included are a few stories about my experiences as a waterbearer and a story about a bizarre experience I had in an alleged medieval dungeon!  If you're interested in the by-products of my ego, just click on one of the links below. If you'd like to use any of these articles for your newsletter, feel free to use them. I only ask that you mention my name with the publication and send me a copy of your newsletter. You can get my snail-mail address by e-mailing me.

A big thanks is in order to Lord Kestrel of Wales from the Barony of Bryn Madoc here in Meridies. This fine gentle has copied all of my files into his pages, sparing me an undetermined number of headaches. Even when some monster decides to eat the site (and some dirty rat did at one point come to the wrong place for dinner) the files are still there.

I would also like to thank my Shire-mates in Shire Brantestone, Kingdom of Meridies, for being my good friends and believing in me. I couldn't have done this without them. 

After seven great years with the Royal University of Meridies, I submitted my resignation as Deputy Dean of Academic Research in June of 2005. I figured it was about time to let someone else serve, and not surprisingly mundane conflicts also played a part. I will continue to maintain this list for all of the researchers in the Known World as well as our students in Meridies. It's very rewarding work.
Thanks for your interest in our list! Happy surfing!

THL Isabelle de Foix

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Check out the story of Abelard and Heloise here.

Check out a paper about Christine de Pizan, Europe's first female professional writer, here

Check out a few of my adventures as a Meridian waterbearer here!

Read about my adventure in a medieval dungeon!

Check out some medieval trivia here!

Check out a paper about Erasmus of Rotterdam (c. 1466- 1536), a leading scholar of the Renaissance (and hey, this one really had a sense of humor!)

This is the complete text to my Compleat Anachronist about the universities of Bologna and Paris.

Check out a fun article on medieval France!

Check out an article on medieval Switzerland's fights for democracy

read the most incredible true story from sixteenth century France! It's a medieval Ripley's Believe it or Not!

Confined within no bounds, you shall fix the limits of your own nature according to the free choice in whose power I have placed you. We have made you neither mortal nor immortal, so that with freedom and honor you should be your own sculptor and maker, to fashion your form as you choose. You can fall away into the lower natures which are the animals. You can be reborn by the decision of your soul into the higher natures which are divine.

Pico della Mirandola (1463-1494), Italian Renaissance scholar and philosopher, from a work called "Oration on the Dignity of Man" written in 1486

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