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This page is dedicated to the study of the branch of West Slavic peoples known as the Czechs, Moravians, and Slovaks. It is being constructed by members of the Slavic Interest Group. Most of us (but not all) are members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval re-creation group. 


Skriptorium, a resource site straight from the Czech Republic!

A brief history of the Slavic people

This Czech Republic history site starts with pre-historic times in the area and ends with the modern era

Good King Wenceslaus: A Model of Bohemian Sovereignty. This is an excellent essay on early Czech history.

A history of the medieval Bohemian Kingdom

This is a map of Moravia dating from around 1570. The site also includes a "text" click that takes you to a verbal description of the map written with the map

This is a map of Moravia dating from 1569

A history of the city of Bratislava, formerly known as Pressburg

History of Moravia from the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Slovakia: Castles, old churches, and the High Tatra. The site includes many beautiful thumbnail pictures.

This is an article about the growth of the Hussite movement in the Czech lands following the burning of Hus at the Council of Constance in 1415

This is a list of recommended medieval cities of the Czech Republic; you can visit them all at this site!

This is a site about Plzen and its adjacent towns, with many interesting thumbnails.

The National Museum of Moravia, based in Brno.

This is a map of Moravia with German names.

Dictionary article about Sigismund, King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor, who lived 1368-1437

This is an essay about a scholar's theory that early medieval Moravia was in the Great Hungarian Plain rather than south of the Danube as is commonly believed.

This is an article about one of the Patron Saints of the Czechs, St. Ludmilla. She was an important royal figure in Czech history.

A concise history of the archdiocese of Prague from the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia

Historical sights of Ceske Budejovice, the former Budweis. This site contains many thumbnails.

A history of the Slovak capital, Bratislava, formerly known as Pressburg

Historical sketch of Moravia.

A history of Plzen (Pilsen) from its origins to the present. The site includes many interesting links.

The only timeline of Great Moravia, the first Slavic state in Central Europe, on the Web!

Brief introduction to the life of early Bohemian Prince Boleslav "the Cruel"

The origins of Bohemia and the Czechs according to ancient legend and Radio Prague (RP is amusing but not always reliable)

A history of a town in the Czech Republic called Ceske Budejovice, formerly called Budweis by the German-speakers who ruled the land until 1918. It has been known for its beer since the sixteenth century, thus the well-known brand of beer, Budweiser, which originated here.

A highly informative article about Jan Hus.

Thumbnail pictures of Prague

Hus, Luther, and Gutenberg: masters of history. This essay concerns the "dress rehearsal" of the Protestant Reformation in Bohemia, its undertaking by Martin Luther, and the role of the printing press in it.

"Final Declaration" of Jan Hus at the Council of Constance

The first two chapters of a period account of St. Agnes of Prague (1200-1282), a member of the Czech royal family

The lives of Constantine (Cyril) and Methodius, "missionaries to the Slavs" who worked in Moravia

Golden Bull of Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor and Bohemia's greatest King

a map of Germany in 962, showing the growth of the Western Slavic states

This is a list of Czech medieval towns.

A brief history of Bohemia in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries

The story of Jan Zizka (c. 1370--1424), Czech military genius

Radio Prague essay on Jan Zizka and his Hussite armies

More about the military innovations of Jan Zizka, describing his utilization of the "wagon fort" which developed the use of handguns in warfare. The word "pistole", originally a Czech word (it meant "pipe"), entered general usage in Europe during the Hussite era.

Read primary accounts of the Hussite Wars by two fifteenth-century scholars

A picture of one of Jan Zizka's "Wagenburgs"--"wagon forts" from a late fifteenth century German text, "Das Mittelateriche Hausbuch"


Check out castles in Slovakia here!

This is a site about castle reconstruction in Slovakia with an up-close look at three medieval castles which are being restored.

UNESCO's Spis Castle site

Bratislava Castle, Slovakia

Virtual tour of St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague

Check out Orava Castle, Slovakia

Strecno Castle, Slovakia


Slovak link site--if it's Slovak and on the Web it's here.

Czech-English glossary of religious terms and medieval Prague church dedications

A site about St. Procopius, an early period Czech saint

An ancient Czech legend from Radio Prague


This is an article about the history of Czech beer. If this doesn't interest some of you I give up!

Radio Prague's history of Czech beer-loving; the site includes a list of breweries in the Czech Republic, many of them founded in period

The history of beer-making in Ceske Budejovice (the Germans called this town Budweis, thus the modern beer brand name Budweiser, which was first made here)

Radio Prague's history of beer in the Czech lands

Read a hilarious wine story here!


A history of Slovak folk costume

This is the court dress of a great lady, one of whose titles was Queen of Bohemia. It is quite typical for sixteenth-century Central European court dress. This site also contains a pattern and excellent documentation from neighboring Hungary.

Czech, Moravian and Slovak folk costumes


This is a short overview of the history of the Czech language

A history of Czech literature in the Middle Ages

The Prague Fragments, the oldest extent example of Czech Church Slavonic in the ancient Glagolithic alphabet, dating from before 1000


A list of SCA titles from various cultures, including Czech titles, from the College of Arms

Arms of Bohemia, originally dating from the late twelfth century, later Czech states, and a spirited debate over those of Slovakia

Czech-English glossary of trade and occupational names

A history of the national arms of Slovakia; contains much info and illustrations from medieval Slovakia and its Hungarian rulers

A list of distinguised Czech men in period--this means period names, folks!

Czech genealogy page; goes into the origins of Czech family names

Fourteenth and fifteenth century German names from Silesia, showing Slavic influence

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