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Platform of the Interplanetary Cake Party
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Adopted at the 2000 Convention of the Interplanetary Cake Party, held in Geneva, Switzerland

We hold that it is the right of all people to use whatever talents they have. For many of us this means making great cakes! Unfortunately, we have too many impediments between cake bakers and their finished masterpieces. We must move to get sales taxes on chocolate, vanilla extract, whipping cream, cake flour, and sugar abolished in our countries and on our Planets.

We acknowledge the great support we have gotten from our friends on Venus. Venus has a renowned cake-baking community, and in fact has the fastest growing Interplanetary section of the Party. Additionally, they have given those of us on other Planets free use of their UFO's for transporting cake ingredients from Planet to Planet. We use UFO's to prevent theft of these precious goods. This is a global and Interplanetary movement.

We support an Interplanetary system for exchange of information and supplies. The populace of Jupiter and Neptune currently run into mounds of red tape when they try to order chocolate. We are working with Hershey's, Godiva, Nestle, and other chocolate companies on Earth on this issue. The populace of Venus has similar problems with sugar supplies. We are working on this with the membership of Venus. We do not wish to depend on other Planets for UFO's so we support the development of an Earth UFO Project which would produce six UFO's. This massive effort would be jointly financed by all member nations on Earth. For the Earth UFO Project to be effective we must have permanent UFO landing sites in every country where a branch of the Cake Party exists on Earth.

Last, but certainly not least--thou shalt enjoy thy cakes!