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Our Interplanetary Friends
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Here is information about our Interplanetary friends on Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune

I met my first Venusian friend in Baltimore, Maryland, in June of 2000. Their UFO landing site is between Baltimore and Washington, D.C. The Planetary Government of Venus owns four UFO's, and they have been very generous with these UFO's. They've transported cake ingredients all over the Solar System, and for this we are very grateful. Their cake bakers are renowned for their outstanding cheesecakes and custard pies.

When I met the friendly alien from Venus, I also met a renowned chocolate cake baker from Jupiter. He had come in to get a shipment of chocolate as Jupiterians are known for their excellent chocolate cakes. It's been said that they can cook any and all recipes ever printed in Chocolatier magazine.

Also along the friendly aliens in Baltimore was a baker from Neptune. All three of these alien peoples use the same UFO landing pad. This baker is supposedly the greatest baker on Neptune, being very adept at making the very difficult Lady Baltimore cake. He and his fellow Neptunians have taught workshops in making Lady Baltimore cakes at meetings of the Interplanetary Cake Party meetings all over the Solar System.
Where would cakes be without those trusty UFO's? I hate to think about it.