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A Little Help From Our Friends
Interplanetary Cake Party Official Site

The Interplanetary Cake Party works with two other Interplanetary Parties to make sure that every member of the Interplanetary community gets their due rights to pleasure.

The Interplanetary Courtesy Party works very closely with us. This Party was founded in April of 1997 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States. The members were depressed and frustrated at the lack of courtesy and civility in their society. They wanted to emphasize universal respect for all people and other members of the Interplanetary community. Courtesy, they believe, is a manifestation of respect for others. They began to circulate petitions protesting the rudeness and cynicism in their society and ran out of petitions because so many people wanted to sign them. By January of 1998 the movement had spread to many other countries and then other Planets. Today the largest branch of the Interplanetary Courtesy Party is on Jupiter. They fly from Planet to Planet on UFO's, dodging any and all travel-detecting devices known to be used by noted cynics.

The Interplanetary Velvet Party was founded in Paris in June of 1998. It started out with a group of costume makers who were exasperated at taxes on velvet and on businesses that sell either velvet fabric or clothing. The Parisians soon found out that they weren't exactly the only people in the Solar System who were exasperated with these limitations on the creativity and skill of costume makers, clothing designers and consumers who sew with velvet. The Party now exists in twenty countries and on Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. Together they have started their own Velvet Collective and sell velvet to each other at retail prices. They use UFO's donated by the various Planets to fly around the Solar System selling their velvet, saving consumers thousands of dollars or euros or whatever. It is not uncommon to see members of the Interplanetary Cake Party wearing outfits made out of velvet provided by the Interplanetary Velvet Party. These good souls use UFO's for the same reason as the Courtesy and the Cake Parties: to keep cynics, killjoys, thieves and other pests from messing up our fun.