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Are you tired of sales taxes on chocolate? How about similarly irritating sales taxes on vanilla extract, sugar, whipping cream and cake flour? We in the Interplanetary Cake Party advocate abolition of these taxes. They only get in the way of great cakes.
This must be stopped! We have appeals on all of these taxes pending in the Chamber of Interplanetary Political Disputes. It is our contention that these taxes are in violation of the Interplanetary Pleasure Laws. Please join us in getting these outrageous and illegal taxes banned!

The Interplanetary Cake Party has grown at a phenomenal rate since its humble origins in a New York City apartment kitchen. We found that many other people and civilizations all over the Solar System were tired of sales taxes on chocolate, vanilla extract, cake flour, sugar and whipping cream. We felt like these pressing issues had to be addressed soon, but the politicians were unresponsive. Therefore, we started our own political party. We soon started to get communiques from cake bakers in other countries and even from other Planets. Yours truly has Interplanetary connections, you see. I've ridden many a UFO fleeing none other than the Saturnian Interplanetary Killjoy Squad. But I digress. Since the main thrust of the complaints was that these taxes impede the making of great cakes we decided to call our new party the Cake Party. By all means let us eat cake!
We now have branches in Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Providence, Houston, Miami, Colorado Springs, New Orleans, Atlanta, Charleston (South Carolina), Baltimore, and St. Louis. Internationally we have branches in the U.K, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium, Turkey and Lithuania. If your country doesn't have a branch please contact us in New York City and we will send you information on starting a branch.


This is one of the UFO's we use. I'm not allowed to tell anyone which Planet it's from. After all, it's a UFO!

Unknown Gem Type: tlx.bravenet.counter

What can you do? You can join us by sending us your favorite cake recipe. That's right--no money required! Would we take money that could potentially be spent making a great cake? Never! Meanwhile you can help us create our own great cakes!

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